Tropical Birthday Bash at Beverly’s

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September 14, 2023

Beverly’s Dallas is a top spot for any celebration. The menu is amazing and it has a lighthearted and fun but upscale vibe. When my client Lara came to me about her husband’s surprise 40th birthday celebration, I could not wait to design in their private dining room. We agreed we wanted to keep the look of the florals as a cleaner, more masculine look with tropicals sourced from around the world in bright greens to match the look of the décor and colors at Beverly’s. Lara was very gracious and gave me full creative reign to pull what I thought would achieve this look. I began shopping the Holland and international flower market Holex to source the most unique stems I could find, and settled on mini monstera leaves, zebra calathea, hosta leaves, spiky Cyperus, oversized palm leaves, and glossy xanadu. A pop of lime green ‘midori’ anthirium and bright green dendrobium orchids I thought would brighten up the overall color palette. Finally, some really unique looking date seed pods came in that week to my wholesaler and I added those delicate stems on site for some extra texture. The team at Beverly’s was super accommodating to allow me to restyle their bookshelf to add in the tropical ‘runner’ we used to design across the mirror which really completed the look for this special evening. Lara beautifully pulled off the surprise and added high school and college photos of her husband with each guest as placecards, a fun and creative conversation starter that made this an amazing night to remember. 

Venue: Beverly’s Dallas Home | Beverley’s Bistro & Bar (

Holex Flower Market: Holex Flower | Homepage 

Cake: SusieCakes Dallas:  SusieCakes 

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