Statement Pieces


September 14, 2023

Occasionally, I am asked to create just an installation alone to serve as a photo opp or background to welcome guests to an event. I actually love creating these because you can place your entire focus on this one piece instead of balancing how tables will look and the flow for an entire evening from start to finish. I find it to be a fun and enjoyable way to put all of my creative energy in one piece and the results of the ones I have one have been really special! Two of my favorites from this year were from the Dec My Room Luncheon at Northpark Center and the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs Convention. Each of these events were looking for an entrance piece that would wow and welcome guests and be available as a photo opp. The two of these could not be more different! But I loved how each conveyed the ambiance the hosts wanted to convey and had their own unique flair. 

Venue: Northpark Center: NorthPark Center | High Fashion & Luxury Shopping in Dallas 

Rentals: Lawson Event Rentals Dallas Event Rentals – Lawson Event Rentals

Catering: Central Market Central Market – Really Into Food 

Foundation: Dec My Room Welcome – Dec My Room 

Venue: The Omni Dallas Hotel Luxury Dallas TX Hotels | Omni Hotels & Resorts 

Backdrop, Lighting and Fabrication: Shag Carpet Rentals Shag Carpet: Unique Props, Furniture and Decorations to Rent ( 

Foundation: Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs Home – Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs, Inc. ( 

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