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August 25, 2022

One of my favorite clients approached me with the idea of an elevated Hibachi dinner in her backyard. These dinners have recently been ‘on trend’ in Dallas where you dine al fresco with a large scale hibachi style meal with friends and enjoy great cuisine and even better entertainment in your own backyard. I jumped at the chance to design for her! 

She told me she was already looking to pair the deep greens of her well-manicured English garden backyard with ecru linens and blue and white tableware from Posh Couture Rentals. Some pops of orange and yellow were selected in the chopsticks for the table and we decided to use those colors to bring a bright summer vibe to this elevated evening. 

Green snowball viburnum is one of my favorite flowers for its incredible texture and unique flow of the stems and foliage. Rannuculus in orange and yellow were selected next along with a very uniquely yellow rose called ‘canary’, parrot tulips, white summery freesia, orange crush roses and of course that pop of blue in the tweedia. The ‘mini luxe’ arrangement took center stage this evening and 17 of these bloom-filled arrangements lined the center of the tables for the evening. I also designed two bar statement florals with unique shape and flow that really allowed the flowers themselves to shine. 

The night finished up with custom cookie jars from JK Chocolate of their signature ‘microchip cookies’ which are impossible to resist and customized fortune cookies with witty messages for her guests to take home! I so appreciated this trust of this favorite client to allow me to use all of this color and texture for a great evening in her gardenesque backyard. 

Rentals, Linens, Tableware: Homepage – Posh ( 

Catering: HOME | Mysite ( 

Cookies: JK Chocolate – The World’s First Microchip Cookie

Floral: Petal and Field Floral

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