Gray Malin Baby Shower


August 3, 2022

When my clients brought this themed party idea to me, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to design this event. A group of girls got together to throw a bright and happy baby shower for one of their closest friends and used the children’s book by Gray Malin ‘Life’s a Party’ as their theme and inspiration. 

I have always loved Gray’s perspective in photos and his books and work decorate my home, so to have the chance to design a party with his love of life and color he infuses into everything he does was a dream come true. The book is set at the iconic Parker hotel and the sweet animals are photographed enjoying every inch of this beautiful property. My clients really wanted to recreate the lemonade stand look with a large planter and shell for lemons at the bar, as well as the big palm tree in the yellow planter of the hotel lobby. The rest they said was up to Petal and Field to design the colors and vibe that matched the fun of the book. 

Immediately upon seeing the picture of the elephant holding the balloons and walking through boxwood decorated with bright primary color balloons I thought of crepedia flower or ‘billie balls’ as some people call them. They naturally grow in yellow but I painted these in every color of the balloons to match the book. I mixed in natural boxwood with the crepedia in bud vases and made a statement piece with an elephant figurine and camellia to reflect the scenes from the book. 

After much searching I found some blue rush grass plants and replanted them in the large orange planter to match the bar and managed to find the perfect clamshell bowl for the lemons. Replanting the palm was a huge challenge, but I really wanted them to have exactly what they envisioned so between rocks, Styrofoam, saran wrap and lots of tightly packed soil and help from my tall husband (haha) we got the palm installed. The guest of honor was able to take these home and enjoy them after the party. 

For the large table arrangements and the bar I looked to source flowers to match the bright, bold primary colors of the balloons in a variety of textures that would complement. Cookies flown in from their hometown by Copper Cookie Co were the perfect icing on the candy bar design by the hostesses. This was such a joyful day for these girls and the momma to be and I was really thrilled with how it all turned out! Grateful to clients who have great ideas and trusted me to bring them to life! 

Cookies: Copper Cookie Co Home | The Copper Cookie Co. 

Venue: Private Event Space

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